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Dev In Station was founded in the city of São Paulo, Brazil in 2018 with the goal of providing high-quality development and programming services. From the start, the company has focused on PHP Magento projects, becoming an expert in this platform.

Over time, Dev In Station expanded its operations to other technologies and platforms, always maintaining the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Throughout our trajectory, we have worked on various projects for major companies such as Integracommerce (Magalu) and Buscapé, providing Magento 1 solutions. These experiences have allowed us to expand our knowledge and skills in technologies such as Javascript, HTML, and PHP, as well as to gain a broad understanding of the e-commerce market and its trends.

With this expertise, we have also developed WordPress projects and custom solutions on demand, always with a focus on meeting each client's specific needs and ensuring quality and satisfaction in all delivered projects. Today, Dev In Station is a consolidated and recognized technology company in the Brazilian market, with a highly skilled team specializing in various technologies and platforms

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Our team is highly skilled to handle projects on various platforms and technologies, as well as to perform integrations with ERP systems. We are ready to meet the specific needs of each client and ensure quality and satisfaction in all projects delivered.